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Mariska Martina

Singer / Songwriter 

Mariska Martin is a blues & jazz singer from the Netherlands. Backed by her fabulous 4-peice band, Mariska released her debut EP, "Something Blue" in the spring of 2018, and is currently touring the live Jazz circuit in London. In conjunction to her own music, Mariska recently worked on a small side project for E&R Sounds, an acoustic track entitled "Fade Out", released in February 2019.

Photo by Carlo Polisano
IMG-20190110-WA0008 (1).jpg

Gabriel Penteado

Vocalist / Guitarist (Clockwork Boy)

Gabriel Penteado is a guitarist, singer and songwriter based in Sao Paulo, Brazil. Heavily influenced by 70's rock, he draws inspiration from bands such as Led Zeppelin, lending his powerful vocals as the lead singer for the band Clockwork Boy.     


In conjunction to his vocal abilities, Gabriel is also a talented guitarist, inspired by players such as John Mayer, Stevie Ray Vaughan, BB King and Jimi Hendrix.

Jacob Powell

Drummer / Multi Instrumentalist (Clockwork Boy)

Jacob Powell is an actor / musician based in Letchworth. A talented multi-instrumentalist, his bread and butter lies behind the drums, providing powerful, groovy beats for a multitude of artists, including: Bandini, Brain Ape and most recently, Clockwork Boy.


Jamie Steenbergen

Sam Gifford / Brain Ape / Rough Sketch

Jamie Steenbergen is a drummer based in Ealing, North London. Having graduated from the British & Irish Modern Music Institute (BIMM) back in 2017, he now plays in a myriad of bands in and around London. 


Jamie is also a competent session drummer, having worked for several artists, including a recent project here at E&R Sounds.  

Photo by Gifford85

Dave Kirk

Empty Friend / Civil War London / Rising Skies 

Dave Kirk is the front man and lead singer of the band Empty Friend. He is also the creative head and founder of the music collective Civil War London, promoting the underground heavy rock / grunge scene in the city. 

Dave recently lent his vocals for the Rising Skies project here at E&R Sounds.


Dave Kirk Photo.JPG
Faded Sandpaper

Angelina DelCarmen

Charetta / The Angelina DelCarmen Project

Angelina DelCarmen is a renowned session singer / songwriter based in New York. She is also the lead singer of the heavy rock band Charetta, regularly touring the music scene in and around the Big Apple.

Angelina recently collaborated with us here at E&R Sounds, co-writing and singing on the track "Do I Make You Proud?".

Wash Out

Chris Brush

Nashville session drummer

Chris Brush is a session drummer based in Nashville, Tennessee.


Aside from his 20 years of professional playing experience, Chris also owns a purpose-built recording studio, PlethoraTone, providing high quality remote drum recording services. 

Chris's most recent musical contributions here at E&R Sounds include drumming on the tracks "Do I Make You Proud" (Ft. Angelina DelCarmen) and "Tainted Memories" (Ft. Kevin Staudt).  

Dripping Paint

Richard Blenkinsop

Guitarist & Producer

Richard Blenkinsop is a guitarist, songwriter and producer based in Lancashire. Having completed his studies at the London Centre of Contemporary Music back in 2016, he has since toured with numerous artists such as Bandini and Paul Tierney. 

Richard recently provided his lead guitar skills on the track "Tainted Memories" here at E&R Sounds. 



Old Paper

Kevin Staudt 

Singer / Songwriter

Kevin Staudt is a singer, songwriter and multi-instrumentalist based in Germany. He is also the front man and lead singer of the alternative rock group Vinyl Grenade.

His musical influences include bands such as Three Days Grace, Breaking Benjamin and Paramore, to name but a few.      

Kevin recently collaborated with us here at E&R Sounds, co-writing and singing on the track "Tainted Memories".  

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