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Musical Heroes: Josh Farro

Updated: Aug 11, 2020

When you mentioned the band Paramore, most people think of Hayley Williams. However, the real sound of Paramore stems from one man, Josh Farro.

In my opinion, Josh Farro is one of the most under-rated rock guitarists of the modern generation. Is he a virtuoso? No. Is he still a bloody good guitarist? Yes, undoubtedly! He clearly has a strong working knowledge of his instrument, having mastered the fundamentals of both lead and rhythm guitar. Don’t believe me? Take a listen to the track Brick By Boring Brick. The guitar composition is nothing short of a masterpiece.

Having left Paramore back in 2010, Josh went about pursuing a solo career, releasing his debut album Walkways in early 2016. Having listened to the album over the past couple of months, I was blown away by the songwriting. A personal favorite of mine includes the track Say The Word, a soft, melancholy ballad that is beautifully ornamented with ambient slide guitar.

I have heard some people criticise Josh for being too “samey” regarding his songwriting style during his time in Paramore, which I can agree with to a certain extend. However, his solo album puts this criticism firmly to rest, exploring a completely different musical style and genre to that of Paramore. Hard hitting rock songs have been replaced with gentle acoustic guitar playing and soulful, intimate vocals.

One of my favorite qualities about Josh as a musician is his understated attitude. He knows how to serve a song, leaving his ego at the door. When working on my own music, such as the track that I am currently recording for my university final major project, I will often ask myself, “what would Josh play during this section”, or, “how would Josh phrase that guitar lick.”

Do you want to know why I own a Fender Telecaster? Because Josh Farro plays one. Alright alright! I admit it... I'm a fanboy!

Jimi Hendrix, Paul McCartney, John Bonham. These are some of the names often synonymous with musical heroes. But not for me.

Josh. Thanks for being my inspiration.

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