• Ryan Stephenson

From Demo To Final Mix: (Part 6 - Lead Guitars)

Lead guitars were recorded using the same Fender Telecaster as the rhythm guitars. However, I used a different amp model to ensure a degree of separation between the two guitar parts.

Scooping the mid-range of the amplifier helped to pull the lead guitars out in the mix, elevating them above the dense ocean of rhythm guitars.

Although the guitar signals were processed on input using distortion pedals, my selection of effects pedals are limited. With this in mind, additional processing, such as reverb, delay and chorusing, were achieved "in the box" using stock plug-ins.

Although I intend on recording a lead guitar for the second verse, I have decided to leave this section of the song open for now, as I want to provide space for the vocals. Until the latter has been recorded, I can't make a decision on this aspect of the production.

For a detailed breakdown of the lead guitars, check out the video below:

Next up, bass guitar!


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