• Ryan Stephenson

From Demo To Final Mix: (Part 4 - Live Drum Files)

So I have received my live drum tracks from Chris Brush in Nashville Tennessee and they are sounding amazing!

Having dropped the drum files into Logic, I quickly arranged the session to fit my personal workflow, altering the track names and their position in the mixer window.

The engineering on the drums is very impressive. Great clarity across all of the microphones with plenty of isolation between the key components of the kit. The snare drum, for example, has lots of body and very little cross bleed from the hi-hats.

When discussing the recording process with Chris, we decided to add a ride microphone to the drum kit. This may seem an odd choice, given that the ride cymbal is not used in the track. However, this acted as a point microphone, capturing a secondary image of the snare drum.

Chris provided me with 11 raw, unprocessed drum channels and two hyper-compressed “taste” buss channels. Although I found the latter interesting, I chose to remove them from the session, feeling that they cluttered the drum sound.

Now the next step would usually involve me editing the drums. However, Chris's drumming was so good, I didn't have to touch them. His timing was impeccable!

After some subtle EQ and a dash of buss compression, I had a rough working drum mix to begin tracking the guitars to.

Check out the video below for a run through of the raw, unprocessed live drum tracks:


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