• Ryan Stephenson

From Demo To Final Mix: (Part 3 - Remote Drum Recording)

Needless to say, the Coronavirus pandemic has made this aspect of the project a little challenging. Initially, I was going to dry hire a local recording studio and bring in my own drummer. However, this can no longer be achieved under current social distancing measures. So how are we going to get a live drum recording?

Remote Recording

For this project I contacted session drummer Chris Brush, located in Nashville, Tennessee. Aside from his 20 years of professional playing experience, Chris also owns a purpose-built studio, PlethoraTone, providing his clients with amazing, high quality drum recordings.

Having spoken to Chris via WhatsApp, we discussed the track and the sonic characteristics that I wanted to achieve. Chris was very accommodating of my requests and adapted his workflow to suit the needs of the project. A time frame was agreed and the necessary files sent to Chris so that he could begin tracking the drums.

Below, the control room of PlethoraTone studios:

PlethoraTone Studio Tour Video:

Chris was kind enough to provide a video of him tracking a drum take for the project. Please note that the audio in this video has been captured by the camera microphone.

In the next blog, we will be taking a look at our new live drum tracks!


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