• Ryan Stephenson

From Demo To Final Mix: (Part 2 - The Demo Phase)


A MIDI instrumental demo was constructed using the stock VST instruments in Logic Pro X. Drums were programmed manually using a MIDI keyboard and Logic's "Drum Kit Designer".

I always program drums manually as it allows me to accurately replicate the rhythmic elements of a track that I hear in my head. Loops may be faster and more convenient to use, however, they are very limiting.

Upon completing the drums, MIDI guitars and bass were then added to the demo. Needless to say, these elements of the track sounded robotic and fake, however, they added substance and depth where necessary.

Live Demo

In order to get a better feel for the track, I decided to record a "live" instrument demo. Although the drums were still programmed, I replaced the MIDI guitars with real guitars. These also doubled as the scratch guitars that Chris would use to track his drums to.

I also replaced Logic's MIDI drums with EZ drummer samples (also in MIDI format) to create a more life like sound to the demo.

Below is the second episode from the YouTube video series were I explore the two demos.


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