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Clockwork Boy - Introducing The Band


E&R Sounds

Hello and welcome to E&R Sounds. If you didn't already know, E&R Sounds is the creation of Ryan Stephenson, a passionate musician / producer based in North London. Much of his musical content stems from YouTube, with his channel focusing primarily on music production / recording.


And here we are, on the official E&R Sounds website! So what wondrous goodies can you find here?


  • All official music releases from the skunk works at E&R Sounds

    • As digital downloads and physical CD's

  • Music production tutorials

  • Sample packs (Drums / Beats)

  • Articles on production techniques

  • Channel merchandise

  • Unicorns... no not really, just wanted to see if you where paying attention!

So take a wonder around the website... and whilst your at it, why not go and check out the YouTube channel as well!

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